About Us

How it Started

West Africans have long relied on kola nut as a pick-me-up, due to its caffeine content. In Eastern Nigeria especially, where my family is from, kola nut has huge cultural significance – it is a symbol of hospitality and friendship. There, no gathering or ceremony is complete without the breaking and sharing of kola. 

Mocola was conceived in 2020 in my Memphis TN apartment. Like most people with a busy schedule, I turned to caffeinated beverages to keep me perked up; but I wasn't satisfied with the taste, unhealthy ingredients or jittery feeling that most on the market had to offer. Nostalgia led me back to the kola nut I grew up with, which I paired with cacao, another superfood in its own right. Thus, Mocola was born, to provide a wholesome pick-me-up, and to celebrate a culture of hospitality and friendship. 

- Valentine Ezenwa, Founder


Most energy beverages on the market compromise health in some way – cause jitters or contain too much sugar or artificial ingredients. Our mission is to give our customers the most nourishing energy beverage without compromising health or taste. 

At the heart of Mocola is the kola nut, the caffeine-containing fruit, native to West Africa. Part of our mission is to help empower kola nut farmers by putting kola nut on the map, next to coffee and cocoa. We want our farmers to earn more from the fruit of their labor, as they see their kola nut go far beyond local markets to the rest of world, through Mocola.